Brandur ‘Brassi’ Karlsson has been an artist for nearly a decade now. He began to explore his creative side in earnest after losing the ability to control his body movement due to a mysterious alement. His limitations forced him to become more innovative and find ways of overcoming life's many challenges. He has had five private exhibitions and had some works in collaborative shows. He is a student artist in the global mouth and foot painters association mfpa.uk Because he could not use his hands to paint he began to paint with his mouth. He tries to paint as much as his neck allows but is constrained by muscle and nerve pain. Through intense training under the guiding hand of his friend and guru Rahul Bharti, he has been able to recover his health and some mobility and continues to make improvements. Brandur has enjoyed great luck in having a large group of talented friends and collaborators who are working with him on many different projects. Follow him on social media to keep up with his advenures.